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Iari - Vocal Coach / Songwriter / Performer

Practically Singing//A New Journey

Hey Folks, 

I want to welcome you to my new Blog that I am entitling, Practically Singing. It’s a monicker I’ve been using for the past several months whenever I speak to other artists, singers, or voice teachers about the need to simplify our approach... to life, to careers, to relationships, to how we approach our singing, whether learning from or teaching to others.

Practically Singing is also a play on words inspired by the phrase, “practically speaking”. Like, what do we mean when we use THAT phrase? For me, I’m always telling artists I work with as a vocal coach, whether they be on tour and have years of singing experience, or they’re the complete beginner and I’m their first experience with voice lessons, to approach their singing like they’re “speaking (conversationally) on pitch”.

Our voices are incredibly dynamic. Less is almost always more when it comes to producing the most desirable (yeah, I get that that is subjective) sound in the most efficient manner. Yet, there is often a misconception amongst the masses that there exists in a human body two voices: our speaking voice, which we use daily, and our singing voice, which is completely distinct and separate from our speaking voice. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In these Blog posts, my aim is to present simple and practical advice, tips, tricks that will enable music artists to use their voices in the most efficient manner, giving them (you) the most vocal freedom so as to empower them (again, YOU) to deliver the most emotional, engaging, moving, stirring, heartfelt vocal performances possible.

Also, my aim is to become your go-to Voice Dude! You cannot spell the word “Practically” without spelling the word “Ally”. As a fellow music artist who is in love with the collaborative process that is inherent with any music endeavor, be it as a co-writer or tenor in a 4-part harmony or a teacher-student relationship, my goal is to be your biggest Ally and provide the best support possible to you on your own musical journey.

Feel free to reach out and email me if anything I say resonates and helps you on your journey. Also, feel free to email me with any questions any of my posts causes you to ask. If it’s a simple question, I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner. If more complex, or you would like to explore your voice further, I’m happy to schedule an in-person or on-Skype session with you.

So, with all of that said, welcome! I’ll look forward to seeing many of you, either online or at a show in the nearer future!