Vocal Coach / Songwriter / Performer

Iari - Vocal Coach / Songwriter / Performer

2018 Studio Policy

Scheduling and Lesson Duration: The Iari Melchor Vocal Studio (IMVS) offers private one-on-one voice lessons in 40 minute increments. When you schedule a lesson at the IMVS, you are reserving a time slot that starts and ends at a specific time (for example, starts at 3:00PM and ends at 3:40PM). All scheduled time-slots are reserved with a debit or credit card number (given at the time of booking) that is held on file against cancellations and no-shows that are in violation of the 24 hour cancellation policy (see below). Clients are expected to arrive on time to start their lessons. Lesson ending-times are not extended for clients who arrive late.

Teaching Locations and Hours of Availability: 

- Brady's Drum Studio in Campbell, CA (www.bradysdrumstudio.com) // Wednesdays 4:00PM-8:30PM, Fridays 12:00PM-7:00PM, and Sundays 10:30AM-3:00PM.

Lesson Pricing and Methods of Payment: Each 40 minute lesson is priced at $80.00. You may choose to pay individually for each lesson, or prepay for a package of lessons to receive a significant discount on the overall price. If paying for individual lessons, payment is due by the end of each lesson. Accepted forms of payment include: 

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Venmo
  • Debit and Credit Cards (Visa and Master Card). An additional 3% Transaction Fee will be added to every debit and credit card purchase.

Cancellation Policy: I am happy to cancel any scheduled lesson regardless of reason and at no cost provided that I am given written notice of intent to cancel via email no later than 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson’s start time. Any notices given after the 24 hour mark will automatically be charged the regular lesson rate (including the 3% transaction fee) in full to the card on file, or held against the number of lessons remaining, if the client has prepaid for a package of lessons. No exceptions. 

Academic Calendar Year in Quarters: The IMVS operates on an Academic Calendar Year that is broken up into 3 primary Quarters: Fall Quarter (September - November); Winter Quarter (December - February); and Spring Quarter (March - May). Summer Quarter runs June - August, and is a shorter and more compact season due to the inherent nature of it being the primary travel and holiday season. During these 12 to 13 weeks are 10 scheduled ON-WEEKS where private lessons are held. There are 2 - 3 OFF-WEEKS planned into each Quarter. Check the online calendar on the homepage for details and exact timing, as well as dates and times and details for IMVS Events.

Discounted Lesson Rates: You may choose to pre-pay for the Quarter prior to its start-date. When you do, you are prepaying for ten 40 minute lessons which must be scheduled within that specific Quarter's duration. The overall cost for the 10 private lessons is discounted by 5%, from $800 to $760, and you also receive an additional 15% discounted rate when paying for any of the master classes offered for that Quarter, as well as the Performance Program which includes the End-of-the-Quarter-Performance Recital.  All prepayments are final and non-refundable, non-proratable, and may not be transferred or shared with another client. Unused lessons from one Quarter do NOT roll over into the next Quarter..

Quarterly Payment Schedule: If you are interested in prepaying Quarterly to receive discounted lesson rates and discounted class and program pricing, then payments are due by the following dates:

- Fall Quarter Prepayment is due by Friday, August 31, 2018

- Winter Quarter Prepayment is due by Friday, November 30, 2018

- Spring Quarter Prepayment is due by Wednesday, February 27, 2019

After the appointed times, students will not be able to prepay for the current Quarter to receive discounted rates.

Make Up Lessons/Classes for Prepaid Students: Students who have canceled a lesson with at least 24 hours advance notice, may reschedule their lesson to another day and time of their choosing, but only pending the availability of IMVS. The IMVS cannot guarantee that another future time-slot that matches a student wanting to reschedule a canceled lesson will be available. In the instance that a prepaid student cannot find a time amendable to their schedule, the IMVS offers specified days throughout the Quarter where they may attend a class-oriented workshop that will serve as a make-up lesson. If a client has need to reschedule more than one private lesson and attends a class-oriented workshop, that workshop counts as making up all missed lessons up to that date for the Quarter.

Student Showcases: This is not your typical recital. This awesome performance showcase provides the enrolled student with an opportunity to perform onstage at a real music venue with a live accompanist and/or band! Occurs once a quarter: Fall Quarter (November 17th, 2018), Winter Quarter (February tbd), Spring Quarter (May tbd). Contact Iari for more details.

Referrals: Clients who are especially happy with their lessons and the customer service I provide are encouraged to refer new clients to me at any time throughout the given teaching year. When you do, and after your referral takes their second lesson (their first non-discounted priced lesson) with me, you are given a $40.00 credit which may be applied to your next scheduled paid lesson.