Vocal Coach / Songwriter / Performer

Iari - Vocal Coach / Songwriter / Performer

2018 - 2019 Studio Policy

Teaching Locations and Hours of Availability: 

  • Brady's Drum Studio in Campbell, CA (www.bradysdrumstudio.net) // Wednesdays 4:00PM - 8:30PM; and Sundays 10:30AM - 5:30PM.

  • IMVS Home Studio in Santa Clara, CA (directions available upon confirmed scheduling) // Mondays 10:30AM - 12:30PM; and Thursdays 10:30AM - 12:30PM.

  • Monticello Private Academy in Santa Clara, CA (3345 Lochinvar Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051 / www.monticelloacademy.org) // Mondays 4:00PM - 6:00PM; and Thursdays 4:00PM - 6:00PM. Must be a student at Monticello Academy to Schedule at this location.

  • Skype and FaceTime Lessons // Available upon request. Please inquire for lesson availability and requirements.

  • All days and times are subject to change throughout the year. The IMVS will give advanced notice of any such changes to business hours.

Scheduling and Lesson Duration:

  • The Iari Melchor Vocal Studio (IMVS) offers private one-on-one voice lessons in 40 minute increments. When you schedule a lesson at the IMVS, you are reserving a time slot that starts and ends at a specific time (for example, starts at 3:00PM and ends at 3:40PM).

  • All scheduling is done online through IMVS's account with Schedulicity (See Below in “How To Schedule”). All lessons must be prepaid prior to scheduling, and that prepayment is used to reserve and confirm your reservations. 

  • Time-Slot availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the IMVS does not "hold" time-slots for unpaid reservations. 

  • Clients are encouraged to schedule for all prepaid lessons immediately following the purchase of their “Set/s” (see below) in order to provide the greatest chance of scheduling on their preferred days and times. 

  • Clients may schedule any number of lessons up to a maximum amount equal to the number of lessons for which they've prepaid. For example, if a client has prepaid for a single “Set”, they may initially schedule a single lesson, up to 3 lessons (max), at a time.

  • Clients may schedule up 90 Days in advance of the current date.

  • Clients are expected to arrive on time to start their lessons. Lesson ending-times are not extended for clients who arrive late.

Lesson Pricing:

  • First Lesson Consultation: $40. If a client wishes to purchase a Set of lessons the same-day as their First-Lesson Consultation, the $40 fee for the First Lesson Consultation is waived.

  • After the First-Lesson Consultation lessons are sold in groupings of 3, called a “Set”.

  • The Initial Set of 3 lessons is priced at $240.

  • A client may purchase multiple “Sets” in a single transaction to receive discounted pricing:

  • Multiple Set Enrollment Discount is $225 per 3 lessons purchased ($15 savings per “Set”).

  • All purchased lessons are valid until 12 months from the date of purchase, after which any unused lessons are considered expired.

  • All sales are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

How To Schedule:

1. Use the following Link to take you to the IMVS/Schedulicity scheduling page:


2. Press the “Schedule Now” button.
3. Select the Service you want to purchase. For example, the “First Lesson Consultation”, or the "40 minute Private Voice Lesson".

4. Choose the date and time of your visit.

5. Select which Package you'd like to "add-on". At the minimum, you MUST select the Initial Set Enrollment. This is a REQUIREMENT in order to complete your purchase. **The First Lesson Consultation is a Stand-Alone service with no Package required to “add-on”.**

6. Pay for your Package/Lessons (the Initial Enrollment Set, or the appropriate Multiple Set Enrollment) using your preferred Debit or Credit Card. **Please note: Effective immediately for 2019, there is NO additional transaction fee for using either your Debit or Credit Card to complete your purchase.**

Additional Notes:

- All appointments MUST be prepaid. Your prepayment guarantees and holds your scheduled time-slot.

- Lessons that are not prepaid for, nor scheduled as part of a Package, are not guaranteed or confirmed, and WILL be canceled from the schedule by the Administrator with immediacy.

- Clients wishing to prepay for their lessons without using a debit or CC, may do so. Contact me directly via Email or Text to start and complete your purchase, and scheduling. 

Accepted forms of payment include: 

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Venmo

  • PayPal

  • Debit / Credit Card

Cancellation Policy: 

Clients are responsible for canceling their own lessons, and are allowed to cancel their lessons at any time up to 24 hours prior to their lessons scheduled start time. All cancellations must be done on Schedulicity. After that 24 hour mark, clients are no longer able to cancel their lessons and that lesson will automatically be charged against the number of lessons remaining in the client’s current “Set”. Sorry, no exceptions. 


Clients who are especially happy with their lessons and the customer service I provide are welcomed (and encouraged) to refer new clients to me. When you do, and after your referral pays for their Opening Set (of 3 lessons) with me, you are given an $80 credit which may be applied to your next Set purchase.